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Notice of discontinuation of AF9101/AF9103

Thank you for your continuous support.
We are sorry to inform you that we will stop our manufacture and sales of onboard programmer "AF9101 / AF9103" as of the end of May 2019.
We began selling AF 9101 in June 2005 and AF 9103 in December 2006 and have been patronized by many customers for a long time.
However, it has become difficult to continuously acquire electronic components, and to cope with high-speed operation and high functionality of memory devices.
From now we will strengthen the current model that can respond flexibly to customer's needs, and develop new high-performance model.

Discontinued and successor models

Discontinued model Successor model Release status
AF9101, AF9103, AF9103A AF9201 (current model) Now on sale

Support schedule

Support contents Schedule
Sales end date of products End of May 2019
End date of free software development End of May 2020
Start date of paid software development June 1, 2020
End date of paid software development End of May 2021
End date of acceptance of paid repair * End of May 2024
* It may be impossible to repair due to a decrease in parts inventory or aged deterioration etc.