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Flash Support Group's automated programming systems "TEH series" adopt our newest device programmers, and provide high quality and high productivity device programming to a wide-variety of devices from flash memories to flash microcontrollers. We also have in-circuit programming systems "FH9000 series" for the mass programming of flash memories and microcontrollers which are already mounted on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
In addition, we provide peripheral products such as a laser marking system and a label pasting system to help customers to build in overall programming systems. With our various options, building customized programming systems is also possible to fit customer's programming environment and specification requirements.

TEH2800H Automated Programming System

High-speed processing of 32 sockets (Installs 2 sets of AG9730)


  • Concurrent programming of max 32 devices.
    TEH2800H is equipped with two high-speed AG9730 gang programmers, enabling indivudual processing.
  • High speed programming from SPI flash to large-capacity NOR/NAND.
  • Capable of 35-tray stocking.
    Long-period automated operetion is possible.
  • Adjustment-free thanks to CCD cameras.
  • Capable of 35-tray stocking.
  • Standard incorporation of an ionizer.
  • Full of optional function
    1. Dot or stamp marking and inspection functions
    2. Lead inspection function by using CCD camera (Default setting. May not be supported depending on devices and tray specifications.)
    3. Barcode reader (Including QR codes)