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We released a new product of programmer "AF9751" for UFS.
Support the latest standard "Universal Flash Storage Association" (UFSA) Ver.3.1
Transfer speed per lane is 11.6 Gbit /s.


  • High speed programming of UFS
    · High speed programming of "Universal Flash Storage Association" (UFSA) standard Ver.3.1 is possible.
    . 512Gbit(64GB)(P+V) Approx. 315 sec
      ※Depends on devices.

  • Responding to the needs of R&D Dept. / Mass Production Dept./ Verification Dept.

  • It's possible to program the UFS device based on the project file created by the dedicated application
      ※In the project file, descriptor, Attribute, Flags, partition definition and master data for each partition can be specified of the device to be programmed

  • The added device can be supported by downloading the dedicated application published on our website.

  • Buffer memory 2Tbit(256GB)

  • High speed transfer by using USB3.0
    · 1GB data transfer (PC→AF9751) Approx.7.5sec
    · [PC used] OS:Windows10 Pro 64bit(20H2) CPU:Core i7 RAM:8GB
      ※The transfer time is depends on your PC.
      ※The transfer time includes the checksum processing time.

  • Equipped with USB3.0, AF9751 can be linked with PC and control devices.


GANG programmer AF9751
Buffer memory 2Tbit (256GB)
Target device KIOXIA,Micron Technology,Western Digital,Samsung Electronics etc.
Sockets Up to 4 sockets
Programming power(Vcc) 2.5V ~ 3.3V (Vcc Max 1.5A)
External interfaces USB 3.0 recommended
Input power voltage/frequency range AC100~240V/50~60H
Power consumption Up to 40VA or less
Size/weight W225 x D292 x H100mm (excluding protrusions)/approx. 3.0kg